Southern Schooling Column

The Curtain is Pulled Back

You might have missed it, but the cat is out of the damn bag for education in this election season. On February 4, during his State of the Union speech, President Donald J. Trump officially signaled that the decades-long plan to dismantle public education in the United States was very, very real.

Thankful for Teachers? Do Something

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics suggest that 8 percent of teachers in any year will leave the profession altogether. Retirements factor into that number, but a more recent, 2016 report from the Learning Policy Institute (LPI) shows 70 percent of those who leave education every year do it for reasons other than retirement.

It's Time for a Groundswell

Schools are open, and teachers are hard at work educating all y’all’s kids, your grandkids, and your neighbors’ kids. Teachers are doing their thing to engage and educate kids all across the South, and we see the wonderful work y’all are doing.

Voices: A Letter to Our Young

To every single voice spouting oppression, there is a chorus of voices responding in justice-laden opposition. Sometimes, that chorus can be a little hard to hear as the voices of the oppressed are often filtered and hushed by the powerful.

Black Genius

When we talk about race and racism, we are talking about systematic oppression. While volumes are written on both of these topics, we have decided to take a different route. We are betting that the majority of our readers are not dazzled by these staggering statistics, because most of you are aware of them already.

Alternative Schools Change Lives

Most public school districts in the United States have some form of alternative program for students who face considerable academic or behavioral challenges and some have schools designed to target specific populations of students with disabilities.

Teaching From Social Justice, Y'all

Society asks teachers to carry a lot of weight these days. They’re expected not only to teach content but also to function as defenders of social well-being. That’s a heavy burden and many people outside of education may not understand the burden of that responsibility.

An Ode to the Loser Teachers

Bitter Southerners, we urge all y’all to support your public school teachers. There can be no “better South” without public education. As many of our Southern states entertain exclusionist policies of school choice, we will witness the further segregation of our already too-segregated schools.

Teachers Building a Revolution in Southern Social Justice

Often, teachers are asked to seek their own professional development opportunities, particularly during the summer months — you know, when teachers are “off.” These opportunities often come with significant and burdensome registration fees.