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I am a Professor of Social Studies Teacher Education and Coordinator of the graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction at Kent State University. I work with teachers to develop and enact the purposes that drive their practices as social studies teachers. I stand by my belief that purpose matters in teaching. I also focus on preparing teachers to use inquiry pedagogy to teach about social issues and make connections to democratic citizenship. This is especially true given the rise of activism and social movements in the US, structural racism, generational poverty and the impact of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. The ability to teach about, resist and work to dismantle systematic racism must be something that teachers are prepared to do when they begin working within schools and communities. Using inquiry is one way to do that. This is all part of my belief in the transformative possibilities of justice-oriented social studies teacher education. As part of this work, I remain committed to actively resisting the corporate take-over of teaching and teacher education. I am the co-editor of Race Lessons: Using Inquiry to Teach About Race in Social Studies and co-author of Novice Teachers Embracing Wobble in Standardized Schools: Using Dialogue and Inquiry for Self-Reflection and Growth. I earned my Ph.D. in Social Studies Teacher Education at the University of Georgia in 2008. Prior to entering my Ph.D. program at UGA, I taught high school social studies for four years at North Atlanta High School and for three years at Oglethorpe County High School.

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